Support for greener vehicles in business a good start: RACQ

RACQ has encouraged businesses to explore incorporating electric vehicles (EV) into their fleets after the Federal Government announced it would offer incentives for workplaces opting to go green.

This week the Government announced it would inject $74.5million into a Future Fuels Fund to subsidise the uptake of low emissions vehicles and charging stations by businesses.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said businesses were starting to see the appeal of incorporating electric vehicles into their fleets. 

“These grants could be the encouragement fleet operators need to take the next step toward greener vehicles. There may have been concerns about the value of EVs in the second-hand car market but this funding will help make them more affordable to organisations while giving confidence about the vehicle’s value,” Dr Michael said.

“Businesses tend to update their fleet every few years so we could also see more, cheaper EVs hit the used car market down the track which will make it more affordable for others wanting to buy a low emissions vehicle for home.”

Dr Michael said businesses that installed charging infrastructure could also encourage employees to move to low emissions vehicles. 

“Cars are parked at workplaces for long periods of time, so being able to charge while at work would not only be convenient but remove that cost barrier of having to buy an at-home charger,” she said. 

“While the environmental positives of EVs are obvious, as more businesses and private motorists opt for greener vehicles there’ll also be some safety benefits – because we know that EVs, as newer vehicles, are generally safer on the road.”