RACQ’s warning to parents

The motoring body’s Lauren Ritchie said while the risk of locking a child in the car was always there, it was particularly dangerous in the warmer months.

“It really is shocking to see these statistics coming through from our Roadside Assistance patrols in recent days. We rescued 13 children in one day earlier this week – that’s four times the daily average,” Ms Ritchie said.

“When you consider it can take just seven minutes for a parked car to reach 40 degrees, it’s frightening to think what might happen to a child locked inside.”

Ms Ritchie said there were simple steps parents could take to avoid accidentally locking their child in the car.

“The most important thing to do is to make sure you don’t give your car keys to the child to play with or hold – this is the most common way kids are mistakenly locked in cars,” she said.

“Taking your child with you if you’re in and out of the car is also vital. And always ensure you check the vehicle is empty before remote locking.”

What to do if your child is locked in a car:

  1. Keep calm and act quickly
  2. Call RACQ on 13 1111 immediately
  3. Call 000 if there are concerns about the child’s health.