More cars get added to deadly Takata recall

RACQ has warned owners of eight car brands to check their vehicles immediately with up to 78,000 more vehicles potentially affected by deadly Takata airbags.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Authority issued a recall notice for cars made by Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Toyota, manufactured between 1996 and 2000, which may contain Takata NADI type 5AT airbags.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Steve Spalding said these vehicles were not captured as part of the original Takata airbag recall, the biggest recall in automotive history.

“All drivers who may be impacted needed to take action immediately,” Mr Spalding said.

“These airbags are an accident waiting to happen and drivers cannot afford to ignore the danger.

“You risk the airbag mis-deploying or ejecting sharp metal fragments that can result in someone being seriously injured or worse.

“Particularly in the lead up to Christmas, when people may be preparing for a road trip, please if your vehicle is affected, stop driving it and make alternative arrangements.”

Mr Spalding said with more car brands now at risk, it was a timely reminder for all drivers to check if their vehicle was impacted.

“Jump onto enter your details to see if your car is affected,” he said.

“It takes only a few seconds to carry out a simple check online but the reality is, it could save a life.”

Concerned car owners are urged to contact their vehicle manufacturer for further information.

Affected models include:


  • A6 4B/C5 MY 1998-2000
  • A8 4D/D2 MY 1998-2000
  • A4 8D/B5 MY 1997-2000
  • TT8N/1 MY 1999-2000
  • CABRIOLET 8G/B4 MY 1998-1999


  • E46 3 SERIES MY 1997-2000


  • COURIER MY 1998-2000


  • LEGEND MY 1996-2000
  • CR-V MY 1997-2000
  • ACCORD MY 1997-1999


  • EUNOS 800 MY 1996-1999


  • NL PAJERO MY 1997-2000
  • CE LANCER MY 1997-2000
  • WA EXPRESS MY 1997-2000
  • CE MIRAGE MY 1997-2000
  • WA STARWAGON MY 1997-2000


  • GRAND VITARA MY 1998-2000


  • STARLET 3 DOOR MY 1997-1999
  • STARLET 5 DOOR MY 1997-1999
  • PASEO MY 1997-1999
  • CELICA MY 1997-1999
  • RAV4 3 DOOR MY 1997-1999
  • RAV4 5 DOOR MY 1997-1999