RACQ slams Brisbane fuel hike

The State’s peak motoring body has expressed its outrage as some Brisbane service stations increased unleaded fuel prices to as high as 156.6 cents per litre (cpl).

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said there was no justification for the unreasonable increase and urged drivers to fill up now at service stations yet to hike prices.

“The likes of Caltex and Coles have lead the charge to rip us off and they have no reason to do so,” Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith feared Brisbane would hit a new three and a half year high if the trend continued.

“If the average price goes above 150cpl, that will be the highest seen since October 2014,” she said.

Ms Smith revealed the cheapest price in Brisbane was 125.9cpl, proof there was still good value to be found.

“There’s 30 cents difference between the cheapest places and the ones taking us for a ride, but we’re worried those cheap places won’t stay that way for long,” she said.

“Drivers should fill up now, but don’t pay more than 136cpl.”