Pollies given stern reminder from RACQ

As Queensland State Election campaign ramped up ahead of 31 October, RACQ has warned political parties to avoid distracting motorists and blocking footpaths with signage.

Image credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said by law, election signs must not distract road users, obstruct their clear line of vision or block official road signs.

“Informing voters ahead of the State Election is important, but we can’t have motorists becoming distracted by signs that don’t follow the rules,” Ms Hunter said.

“All signs must be located three and a half metres from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour or less.

“Signs can’t be located on centre medians or roundabouts and mustn’t be attached to parked trailers.

“We’re reminding drivers to concentrate on the road and not get distracted by the influx of corflutes and banners but it’s really up to all parties to continue to do the right thing as we get closer to polling day.”

Ms Hunter said under Brisbane City Council rules, election signs could be placed on footpaths, but could not obstruct pedestrians.

“Pedestrians have to be able to access footpaths safely, so they don’t have to walk onto the road to bypass a hazard,” she said.

“If you have any concerns regarding where a sign is placed, please contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads or Brisbane City Council.”