Drivers admit to driving drunk

The State’s peak motoring body has warned motorists about the dangers of drink driving after a shocking number admitted to getting behind the wheel when they could have been over the limit.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said more than 14 percent of respondents to the Club’s Annual Driver Behaviour survey admitted to having driven while they believed they were likely over the limit.

“It’s really worrying that so many have done this and risked their own lives, their family’s and those of other road users. Sadly, being Easter, we know many others will make this potentially deadly choice this long weekend,” Ms Hunter said.

“We’re really urging people to stop and think about the devasting effects and what they could lose before they get behind the wheel – a licence is one thing, but a life is another and it’s something you can’t get back.

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“The blood alcohol limit for an open licence is 0.05 percent, which generally means, as a guide, men can have up to two drinks in the first hour and up to one in subsequent hours, while for women it’s one drink in the first hour and up to one every hour after.

“The reality is, every person is different and it’s vital drivers know their own limits. It might mean it’s safer not to drive at all if you’re planning to have a few drinks.”

Ms Hunter reminded those who planned to drink to also organise a plan to get home safely.

“Every time you drink, make a plan to either catch a taxi or ride-share service, public transport or call on a sober mate,” she said.

“It’s important that you not only survive the Easter holidays, but also that you don’t endanger the lives of others.”