Misfuelling callouts on the rise: RACQ

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said an increase in diesel vehicles on Queensland roads had seen the simple mistake become more common.

“Many families now have both a diesel and petrol car,” Ms Ross said.

“In the past, diesel fuel had its own bowser but with more diesel cars on the road, many servos are grouping all fuel types together.

“While more diesel pumps make it quicker to fill up it’s also made it easier to pick up the wrong pump and fill up with either diesel or petrol mistakenly.”

Ms Ross said the first steps for motorists who had incorrectly fuelled their tank were the same for all vehicles, regardless of whether they ran on petrol or diesel.

“If you realise your mistake immediately then don’t start your car. If you’ve started driving, stop straight away and call us so we can send one of our Fuel Assist crews to your aid,” she said.

“Only a small amount of the wrong fuel can cause significant damage to your vehicle so it’s important to have it removed as quickly as possible.”