Top 5 tips to teaching your child to ride a bike

Most bicycle crashes involving children are usually from rider inexperience, and not keeping a lookout for dangers is often the cause.

Therefore, the best way for a child to become a safe road user is to practise riding on the road under adult supervision.

Your supervision is essential until your child can demonstrate good bicycle control, behave safely when riding, and show understanding of the road rules.

There are five simple tips your child should know about riding a bike

1. Keep Left

Riding on the left hand side of the footpath or road at all times

2. Giving way to pedestrians

Making sure bike riders give plenty of space to pedestrians and only overtake them when it’s safe to do so

3. Walk bike across the road

Walking rather than riding is advisable while your child learns when is a safe time to cross the road

4. Two hands on the handle bar at all times

The safest way to ride a bike is when you have full control with both hands on the handlebar

5. Using your bell to warn others.

By law, every bike must have a working bell, horn or similar warning device to alert other people on the footpath or road that you are attempting to overtake.

RACQ runs a Streets Ahead program which includes four age-appropriate presentations covering road safety themes like passenger, pedestrian and bicycle safety.