Fire risk sparks Volvo recall

Volvo drivers who ignored a major recall risked having their vehicle’s engine catch fire and melt, endangering lives, warned RACQ.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said Volvo had recalled half a million vehicles across the globe over fears a manufacturer failure could cause a component inside certain diesel engines to melt.

“In the worst-case scenario these engines could combust – so don’t ignore the recall,” Ms Hunter said.

“Owners of the V40, V60, S60, S90, S90 Cross Country, V90 Cross Country, XC60 and XC90 will be contacted by Volvo to organise a free repair.

“But if you notice any unusual engine operation, like the engine management light being lit, engine interruption or lack of power, reach out to your Volvo retailer.

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“It’s important you take this recall seriously. If Volvo is unable to fix the problem immediately, the manufacturer will order the parts needed and schedule the appropriate repairs.”