Flying cars could soon take to Queensland skies

While it might sound like something out of the Jetsons, the State’s peak motoring body has said a future with flying cars was not that far-fetched.

The Courier Mail reported flying vehicles could be in Queensland within the next decade, with the technology set to be well and truly established by 2043.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said drones presented an interesting opportunity for the deployment of autonomous vehicle technology.

“Unlike roads, autonomous drones will not encounter mixed fleet, human interface issues, infrastructure connectivity limitations or vulnerable users,” Dr Michael said.

“Arguably, they could be more safely deployed than autonomous cars if managed appropriately.”

Dr Michael said while passenger drones were being developed, their safe use for the everyday person was a long way off.

“Safety is paramount, but drones are in operation in our skies now in a wide range of applications such as delivering rescue equipment and surveying infrastructure after natural disasters,” she said.

Dr Michael said drones would be used in the commercial and freight sectors first, where they would have the potential to ease congestion on our roads.

“We’re already seeing this with DHL and UPS developing aerial delivery systems, pending Federal Aviation Administration approval, to meet the global ‘on-demand’ e-commerce phenomenon,” she said.

“Amazon Prime Air has also lodged an application for securing air space to provide 30 minute drone deliveries and the European Union has followed suit, working to establish airspace for commercial drones.

“With e-commerce industries set to be worth US $1.2 trillion by 2021, drone deliveries have the potential to limit and reduce the freight-related congestion on our roads associated with this economic growth.”

Dr Michael said RACQ encouraged the State Government to work with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to create an open conversation with the community and update regulations that would allow drones to be used in the long term to benefit the community.