RACQ slams suggestion to toll M1 during peak hour

The State’s peak motoring body has rejected calls for the M1 to be tolled during peak hour to help ease the region’s crippling traffic woes.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported two leading academics had made the recommendation, as they believed it would deter motorists from making unnecessary travel during the busiest times.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club did not support the suggestion and instead called for the money, already collected from motorists, to be used to fund other congestion-busting projects.

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“We know daily travel expenses already come at a huge cost to Queenslanders, and introducing tolls during peak periods is only going to add to that burden,” Ms Ross said.

“We want to see the money motorists already pay through tolls invested back into delivering key projects that would help reduce congestion – like completing major interchange upgrades and adding extra lanes, installing variable speed limit signs and ramp metering to manage traffic flows, and improving public transport frequency and reliability between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.”

Ms Ross said while being caught in gridlock was frustrating for drivers, there were ways they could avoid it.

“Check our website before setting off on your travels – our real time traffic function allows you to see how the network is flowing so you can make an informed decision on how to get from A to B,” she said.

“Depending on traffic and incidents, you may like to reschedule your journey, take another route or consider catching public transport.”