Slow down and avoid a ticket: RACQ

Motorists in the far north have been warned to slow down and stick to the speed limit, as a third speed camera was installed in Cairns.

The Cairns Post reported the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) installed a combined red light speed camera at the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Coombs St, adjacent to Mt Sheridan Plaza.

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DTMR and Queensland Police had assessed the crash risk and severity of crashes at the intersection and determined this as the most appropriate location for a new camera.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said while the Club had a preference for a visible police presence for enforcement of speed limits, the latest fixed speed camera would help make the Bruce Highway safer for motorists.

“As motorists drive faster, the risk of crashing increases,” Mr Spalding said.

“The impacts are more severe, and mistakes happen at higher speeds — so we need safe speeds.

“If motorists kept to the posted speed limit, there wouldn’t need be a need for enforcement, and there certainly wouldn’t be any tickets issued, therefore there would be no points lost or money paid.

“Ultimately, sticking to that speed limit will keep you and other drivers safer and help you avoid a penalty.”

Speeding remained one of the leading causes of fatalities and serious injuries on Queensland roads – it accounted for 21 percent of the 247 road deaths that occurred across the State in 2017.

A DTMR spokesperson told The Cairns Post the camera would help reduce the frequency of high-risk speeding behaviour in the area.

“The combined cameras promote compliance with traffic lights and intersection speeds,” the DTMR spokesperson said.

“Other combined red light speed cameras already operate in Queensland, with current research showing these systems are proving effective in reducing vehicle speeds and the risk of casualty crashes at intersections.”