Drivers baffled by basic give-way rule

Hundreds of drivers have been stumped by a basic road rule posted online by the State’s peak motoring body.

RACQ posed a give-way question on its Facebook page about three cars at an intersection.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the post attracted more than 500 comments, with many unsure which car should go first. 

“The give way sign for the red vehicle makes this the terminating road of the T-intersection, and the yellow and blue vehicles are on a continuing road which curves,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“Blue must give way to yellow as it is effectively crossing a lane of oncoming traffic to enter a new road, while red goes last because it’s turning right from the terminating road and facing a give way sign.”

Ms Ritchie said the quiz was a good reminder for motorists to brush up on their road rules. 

“We know most crashes are caused by driver error, so it’s crucial when you come across a tricky intersection like the one pictured, you don’t rush, pay attention to the line marking and signs and give way correctly.”