Council must make sure drivers have Victoria Bridge alternatives: RACQ

As council touted the success of turning Victoria Bridge green, the State’s peak motoring body has raised concern its members had been left in the dark without adequate and clear alternative travel routes for the cars which would be removed.

Courier Mail reported Brisbane Metro services would now run on only three lanes of the bridge, with cyclists using the fourth. Brisbane City Council claims the move would not affect Metro services and followed community consultation.

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RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said proper consultation on alternative options for cars, which would be removed from the bridge, had not occurred.

“While RACQ supports separated cycling infrastructure and sees value in making Victoria Bridge green, we can’t ignore the fact around 7,000 cars a day will be displaced and there’s no clear and efficient alternatives being offered up by council to address this,” Dr Michael said.

“While Council has made passing reference to some improvements in North Quay and Peel Street, we’d like to see as much consideration and attention to solving this for motorists, as they have for other road users.

“And while the proposed three-lane design hasn’t been released, the move to three lanes also limits the future expansion of the Brisbane Metro.”

Dr Michael said the Club was concerned removal of cars from the bridge would result in traffic congestion at intersections around the William Jolly Bridge, Roma St and Stanley/Vulture Street areas.

“It’s all about compromise, but unfortunately we haven’t seen this in the decision by council. We support separated bike infrastructure but there are many competing demands in these areas and we’re still waiting to hear what will be done to ensure motorists, including taxis, ride share and freight operators, can get around” she said.

“So far, motorists are being left in the dark – we’ve lost two lanes on Vic Bridge and haven’t received much in return.”