Road funding in decline across country

A new report has sparked debate over how roads will be funded in the years ahead.

Herald Sun reported the Productivity Commission’s August 2017 review showed the average motorist pays $1334 in fuel excise, registration and other fees every year.

The Commission’s economic advisers said these taxes needed to be scrapped and replaced with a uniform distance-based charge to reduce congestion and save motorists money.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said while the discussion of future road funding models should remain on the table, we needed to ensure existing taxes and charges were made more efficient.

“In Queensland, we have seen a decline in road and transport expenditure over the last 10 years and this needs to change. Queensland motorists are paying their fair share and expect value for money and for government to deliver safe and effective transport options,” Dr Michael said.

“RACQ would like to see the Queensland Government increase its budgeted capital expenditure on roads and transport infrastructure and we’ll be lobbying them to do so.”