Shocking number of drivers caught red-handed

RACQ has been left shocked by early results from Queensland’s mobile phone camera detection trial which revealed 1000 drivers were captured in just two weeks.

Club spokesperson Paul Turner said during the six-month trial no fines would be handed out, but if the cameras were permanent it would have already cost Queensland drivers $1 million in fines. 

“It’s important every driver in Queensland knows these cameras are out there, anytime and anywhere and they’ll be used as an enforcement tool when the trial ends at the end of the year. So, if you’re doing the wrong thing you’re likely to be caught,” Mr Turner said.

“In Queensland, the fine is $1000 and 4 demerit points and if caught twice in twelve months it’s double demerit points and a further $1000 fine.”

Mr Turner said the camera trial was proof Queensland drivers had a serious problem with distracted driving. 

“These cameras have captured so many confronting images of motorists busted doing the wrong thing. Sadly, it highlights the behaviour so many of us witness everyday while on the roads,” he said.

“We need to wake up and recognise distraction is a deadly habit. The only safe way to use a mobile phone in the car is to switch it to ‘Do Not Disturb’ before you hit the road and leave it well alone.

“It only takes a moment’s inattention to have a crash and there’s no text message, phone call or social media update that is worth your life.”