Southern and central Queensland told to brace for super cell storm

Queenslanders have been warned intense thunderstorms, heavy rain and large hail stones could hit central and southern parts of the State today.

Weather forecasters have predicted storms would develop this afternoon and could feature super cells which may bring heavy rain, wind gusts,  hail up to 2cm wide, and flash flooding.

“Certainly we are looking at possible severe thunderstorms through the southeast and down into NSW and northeast Victoria,” Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“This is a pretty big system, but the good thing is it will just be today, as it is expected to hit in the late afternoon and evening before crossing off the coast.”

If hail was to develop, it would be the second time this week ice had fallen on parts of southern Queensland, with marble-sized hail falling near Toowoomba on Monday.

RACQ’s Kirsty Clinton said it was important Queenslanders prepared their homes while the weather was still fine.

“We’d encourage everyone to bring in their outdoor furniture and secure any loose items,” Ms Clinton said.

“Park your car undercover, but not under trees, and consider letting your pets stay indoors today.”

Ms Clinton also encouraged motorists driving at the time of the storm to slow down, put their headlights on and pull over if they were not comfortable driving.