Can QLD drivers 'bare' it all?

The State’s peak motoring body has clarified rules surrounding driving without shoes, after it was inundated with questions over the common driving behaviour on social media.

RACQ this week posted a poll to its Facebook page and asked its followers whether they drove with shoes on or off, and of the nearly 3000 votes 42 percent opted to go barefoot.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said it was a very common misconception that drivers had to keep their shoes on.

“Truth is there’s no specific laws in Queensland that prohibits drivers from wearing certain types of shoes, or even no shoes at all,” Ms Hunter said.

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Facebook user Phoebe S said: “I have mine off I hate wearing shoes while driving. I feel the pedals better and it feels great with bare feet.”

“Shoes on all the time unless I’m wearing high heels,” another user Katrina C said.

Ms Hunter said the only requirement was that you were in control of your vehicle and could drive safely.

“Consider what footwear you’ll be wearing while behind the wheel, particularly if your shoes are wet and could cause your feet to slip off the pedal.”