Near-miss prompts urgent safety warning

Nine News Queensland reported the teenager had pulled his car over onto the side of the motorway when it sustained a flat tyre. Then, as he searched for his spare, his car was struck from behind by a truck.

RACQ Head of Community and Education David Contarini said it was lucky the 17 year old boy wasn’t also hit.

“Car trouble and breaking down can be frustrating, but if you’re on the side of the highway it’s best to follow these simple steps to stay safe,” Mr Contarini said.

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“As part of our Driver IQ education program we teach high school students across Queensland to work from the acronym ‘HazMAP’ if they ever break down.

“This stands for – put your hazard lights on, move your car as far off to the side of the road as possible, and then assess whether it’s safe to get out.

“If it’s safe, we suggest you move out of the car via the passenger side and stand behind a barricade. If you must stay in the car, keep your seatbelt on.”

Mr Contarini said after the driver had ensured they were as safe as possible, they should then phone for help.

“Give RACQ a ring on 13 1111 and we’ll be able to send one of our patrols or recovery vehicles out to help you. Your safety is the most important thing, so follow these steps and you won’t put yourself at risk.”