Summer’s coming – what your car needs you to know!

With summer just around the corner, the State’s peak motoring body has urged drivers not to ignore warning signs that their car wasn’t coping with the heat.

RACQ’s Clare Hunter said high temperatures were stressful to vehicles.

“Heat is hard on cars, and it can quickly show up problems that have been developing over the cooler months,” Ms Hunter said.

“Apart from the basics like checking your oil and water weekly, and more frequently if you’re travelling long distances, you need to get to know your car so you can recognise if a problem starts to show.

“Know how it drives and sounds and be aware of things like where the temperature gauge normally sits so you can identify when something changes.”

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Ms Hunter said ignoring the warning signs could result in needing major repairs.

“Engines don’t like being overheated. Just once can be all it takes to cause major damage,” she said.

“If you find yourself constantly needing to top up the coolant or other fluid levels, or the temperature gauge is running high, it’s your car telling you there’s something wrong, so don’t ignore it.

“Also, if you notice your air-conditioning isn’t running as cool as it should be, it might time to have it serviced, before the summer rush starts.”