Car-share uptake rises in River City

RACQ has welcomed a move to make it easier for Brisbane residents to access and use car-share services across the city.

Brisbane Times reported Brisbane City Council had permitted car-share vehicles to park in regulated parking zones – currently used by inner-city residents to park their cars on-street without being fined – following a rise in uptake of the service.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the decision meant Queenslanders would have more options to get around without needing to own a car.

“These types of initiatives are about helping drivers make the shift from ownership to access – there’s no doubt vehicles take up quite a significant portion of our budgets and sometimes the need for them doesn’t outweigh that cost,” Ms Smith said.

“Car-share is essentially a ‘pay as you go’ service providing users with the benefits of having access to a car, without having to store it, maintain it and fork out unnecessary costs to keep it. 

“Now more than ever we’re seeing signs of people taking up these types of services, along with rideshare and personal mobility devices, like e-scooters, to meet their transport needs in a way that suits their budget and preferences.”

Ms Smith said the Club also called on Council to work with developers to provide car-share facilities in high-density residential areas.

“We know parking in Brisbane is already a problem, and as the city continues to boom, this issue will only worsen if nothing is done to manage it,” she said.

“While we want to see improvements across our active and public transport networks to provide other alternatives to get around, it’s important people have options to access a vehicle when they really need one.”