FNQ drivers warned to watch for flooded roads

Residents in the far north have been warned to watch for road closures and flash flooding after the region was inundated with rain.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said there were currently more than 30 roads closed across Queensland, due to flooding.

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“We’ve already seen a lot of rain and with a monsoon expected to swing back towards the region later in the week bringing more, the best option, is to avoid unnecessary travel,” Ms Hunter said.

“If you must be on the road, look at our Road Conditions website before you leave home. If you do come across a flooded road, never attempt to drive, walk or ride through it.”

Road closures as of 8am Wednesday 30 January:

  • Hicks Road, Glenella
  • Woodstock Giru Road, Majors Creek
  • Burke Developmental Road, Wrotham
  • Myall Creek Bridge, Mission River
  • Gregory Developmental Road, Einasleigh / Mount Surprise
  • Burke Developmental Road, Rookwood
  • Marian Eton Road, Eton/North Eton
  • Ingham Halifax Road, Cordelia / Halifax
  • Ayr Ravenswood Road, Mulgrave
  • Peninsula Developmental Road, Coen
  • Mount Olympus Road, Saint Lawrence
  • Richmond Winton Road, Corfield
  • Corfield Richmond Road, Albion Corfield
  • Pugsley Street, Walkerston
  • Bladensburg access / Opalton Road, Corfield/ Opalton
  • Barrie Lane, Homebush
  • Marlborough Sarina Road, Blue Mountain / Nebo
  • Gorge Rd, Finch Hatton
  • Calen Mount Charlton Road, Mount Charlton
  • Golf Links Road, Beaconsfield
  • Farleigh Dumbleton Road, Erakala
  • Koumala Bolingbroke Road, Koumala
  • Staffords Road, Bloomsbury
  • Glendaragh Road, Glenella
  • Dougherty’s Road, Bloomsbury
  • Cathu O’connell River Road, Yalboroo
  • Strathdickie Road, Strathdickie
  • Wallaman Falls Road, Lannercost / Valley of Lagoons
  • Midge Point Road, Bloomsbury
  • Palm Tree Road, Homebush
  • Kowari Gorge Road, Finch Hatton
  • Blue Mountain Road, Blue Mountain
  • Mirani Eton Road, Brightly
  • Oxford Downs Sarina Road, Nebo
  • Landsborough Highway, Mckinlay.