The Qld speed camera catching the most drivers

The State’s peak motoring body has urged drivers to slow down, as Queensland’s most lucrative speed camera locations were revealed.

The Courier Mail reported fixed and mobile speed cameras issued more than 828,466 infringement notices across the State during 2017-18, with the busiest fixed camera at Kangaroo Point generating $3.3 million in revenue.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said while some motorists claimed cameras were aimed at revenue raising, speeding fines were completely avoidable and revenue went towards road safety programs.

“Many of the speed cameras on this list have been there for some years, so it’s clear that the message isn’t getting through,” Mr Turner said.

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“The fact remains that speeding is one of the Fatal Five for a reason – speed kills and we need to change the way we think about it and slow down.”

Mr Turner said while speed cameras were necessary, the Club preferred other options to unmarked mobile cameras.

“Until Government can successfully achieve safer drivers in safer vehicles on safer roads, and reduce traffic density, they will continue to focus on speed reduction to reduce the severity of crash outcomes,” he said.

“Speed cameras are an easy and relatively cost-effective way for Government to try and manage the road toll and need to be combined with the best deterrent, which according to research from our members, is a highly visible police presence on our roads.

“Speed cameras should be just part of an overall system to keep road users from death and serious injury on our roads.”