Drivers warned to expect crackdown on illegal parking in disabled spaces

RACQ has warned drivers who illegally parked in disabled spaces at shopping centre carparks that they would be caught, with the State Government pushing for parking inspectors to be allowed on private premises to fine those who ignored the rules.

The Courier Mail reported the Queensland Government had written to shopping centre operators and peak groups and suggested they make arrangements with councils to fine drivers parking in disabled spaces without a permit.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said enforcement of the rules was critical and urged drivers to keep spaces free for people who really needed them.

“The fine for parking in a disability space without a permit has increased to $533, and with the extra enforcement, you will be caught,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“Disabled parking spaces are reserved for those with a permit to allow people with impaired mobility, wheelchairs or who are vision impaired to get around safely.

“You may only be planning to park in one of these space for a couple of minutes, but by doing so, you seriously inconvenience someone who genuinely needs the space. 

“It’s simple, drivers need to have respect for others and if they don’t have a permit, they don’t park in the space.”