Qlders urged to prepare now as fire danger and temps hit new records

With Queenslanders expected to sweat through temperatures as high as 46.5 degrees, amidst a severe fire danger warning, RACQ has urged families to prepare for the worst.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Bureau of Meteorology had predicted records would melt in the first week of summer.

“We expect records to be broken on Wednesday as a severe heatwave works its way across the State,” Ms Ross said.

“Prolonged exposure to temperatures like this can cause heat exhaustion and even death for vulnerable members of our community. Please make sure you’re checking on any elderly neighbours and don’t take any risks when it comes to leaving your pets or kids unattended in a car.

“The majority of kids our RACQ Roadside Assistance patrols rescue from locked cars ended up there by accident when they were given keys to play with as a toy. It can take just a few seconds for your child to lock you out and the temperature to start to rise.” 

Ms Ross said storms and strong winds later in the week could create ideal conditions for bushfires.

“Conditions will be ripe for bushfires, with parts of the Granite Belt and Fraser Island (K’gari) already experiencing the first fires of the season,” Ms Ross said.

“It’s clear to see how easily a bushfire can get out of a control, after more than 40 percent of Fraser Island has already been razed because of an illegal campfire.

“This is why we’re urging Queenslanders to review their evacuation plan now. There is no such thing as being ‘too prepared’ for bushfire season, don’t leave it until it’s too late.”