Cyclone set to bring huge tides to Queensland

Queensland’s first tropical cyclone of the Summer could form this week bringing heavy rainfall to an already soaked north Queensland.

RACQ’s Kirsty Clinton said while it was not predicted to cross the coast a potential cyclone could still cause significant damage coinciding with the “Super Moon” and king tides.

“Some areas of coastal Queensland experience storm surge every time we see a king tide,” Ms Clinton said.

“This week’s king tides coinciding with potentially significant rainfall could mean higher than normal storm surge and some localized flooding.

“Queenslanders who live in low-lying areas prone to flooding during high tides should be prepared to take action if required.”

Motorists were also being warned to take precautions with road closures likely due to flooding.

“We’re already seeing a number of road closures on the Sunshine Coast due to storm surge,” she said.

“Motorists should check their travel path before leaving home and be wary of where they park their vehicles near the coast.”

Ms Clinton said RACQ suggested those who lived in homes likely to experience flooding or storm surge should:

  • More your vehicle to higher ground
  • Move valuables to a safe location
  • Ensure your pets are safe
  • Switch off power to major appliances located in the flood path
  • Charge your mobile phone in case you lose power
  • Locate your emergency kit and re-familiarise yourself with your emergency evacuation plan
  • Check on your neighbours, especially the elderly.