760,000 reasons you should check your car today; RACQ

New data has revealed RACQ Roadside Patrols helped more than 760,000 stranded motorists in the past 12 months across Queensland, prompting the Club to urge drivers to take 30 minutes to give their car a new financial year check over.

Car vandalism hotspots revealed by RACQ

South east Queenslanders have been warned to take care of where they parked their vehicles after new RACQ data revealed the region was home to eight of the top 10 suburbs across the State for car vandalism.

Indigenous teens driving into their future

RACQ and Former Origin Greats (FOGs) have teamed up to assist Indigenous students gain valuable driving experience by donating a car to help them get a step closer to gaining their driver licence.

How to get your super back on track

With more than two million Australians registered to make an early withdrawal of $10,000 from their superannuation, RACQ has shared its top tips for regaining your retirement.

Beware of storm chasers lurking in CQ: RACQ

Months after a severe hailstorm ripped through parts of central Queensland, ‘storm chasers’ have continued to door-knock residents trying to coerce them into signing a contract they might later regret.

Mt Isa misses out on savings, as fuel prices plunge

Unleaded fuel prices across regional Queensland have plunged by more than 40 cents per litre (cpl) in past six months but Mt Isa prices have remained largely unchanged, according to analysis released by RACQ.

Home buyers urged to ask the right questions

Queenslanders looking to buy a home have been urged to do their research and ask the right questions before signing a contract or risk unexpectedly high and potentially unaffordable insurance premiums.

RACQ leaders honoured in awards

RACQ has congratulated its former Group CEO, Ian Gillespie, and current Board Deputy Chair Elizabeth Jameson on being awarded Members (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list on Monday.

Repairers ready to get Qlders back on the road: RACQ

As restrictions continued to ease in Queensland, RACQ has urged any members who had postponed progressing repairs on a motor vehicle claim because they had been staying put at home, to get on the phone and get it moving again from today.

Don't let your new freedoms come at a cost: RACQ

As Queenslanders rushed to take advantage of COVID-19 restrictions being eased, RACQ has issued a reminder about home security as new data revealed it had received more than 4,100 insurance claims for theft in recent years.

RACQ advocates for Qld's financial wellbeing

With Queenslanders reporting some of the nation’s largest amount of household financial stress, the State’s largest Club has launched a financial wellbeing portal to provide accessible, relevant and helpful information.

Scamming is rife: Check your super balance now!

With millions of Aussies now registered for an early withdrawal of their superannuation funds, and scammers seizing on opportunities to empty retirement funds, RACQ has urged every Queenslander to check their super balance.

Check up before you warm up this winter: RACQ

As Queenslanders turned to heaters and blankets to warm up, RACQ has warned about the importance of electrical appliance safety checks, with the insurer recording almost 1,000 claims for fire damage to homes in the past three years.

Learners get schooled on road rules

RACQ has urged young drivers to be aware of the road rules after new data revealed more than 17,000 infringement notices were handed out to learner drivers in a two-year period across the State.