A digital revolution

The future of RACQ roadside assistance is here.

RACQ has ushered a new technological era with the implementation of an updated computer-aided dispatch system, called CARS, which stands for Combined Australian Roadside System.

The system, which is now used across the Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory auto clubs, enables clubs to better assist members wherever they travel across Australia.

Members may not be able to see CARS in action, but can rest assured it is working behind the scenes every time they use the RACQ app or contact the club directly for assistance, as the technology can pinpoint their location and dispatch help in real time.

Chief Executive Officer of RACQ Assistance Glenn Toms said the system was a monumental shift for RACQ and one that will keep us at the forefront of technology into the future.

“It is the most significant piece of work we have done for the assistance business in the history of the club, as we have replaced our dispatch and incident management capability, as well as the systems our staff use in the field to access mapping, incident data and real-time information” he said.

“It provides us with a global platform to deliver roadside assistance for our members into the future, which will see connected and autonomous electric cars continually communicating with the club, so the benefits are really future facing.”

For now, however, Mr Toms said members could rest easy knowing RACQ will be there to help 24 hours a day across Australia both now and into the future.

“These new systems enhance our existing capability and allow literally thousands of patrolmen across the country to deliver improved outcomes for our members,” he said.