Australia's cheapest states for new cars

Does where you live affect new car pricing?

The cost of a new car varies from state to state across Australia.

Research conducted by PriceMyCar has revealed Queensland motorists paid 0.14% more than the national average when purchasing a new car.

Consumers in New South Wales paid 0.43% less than the national average, followed by Victoria (0.34% less).

The Northern Territory was hit the hardest with new car buyers paying 1.54% more than the national average.

The price also varied across different car manufacturers with NSW consumers able to buy a Mazda, Mitsubishi or Volvo at 4.95% less than the national average.

RACQ Manager Motoring Advice Joel Tucker said people looking for savings by buying interstate could end up worse off with government fees.

“It’s not that practical for a new car, given that a buyer would need to transfer to Queensland registration,” Mr Tucker said.

“The additional cost and time spent doing this may end up making any saving disappear.”

Mr Tucker said the reason for the higher fees in Queensland could be due to increased competition between dealers in other states.

“If there are more dealers for certain makes in Sydney and Melbourne competing for buyers, they may be able to get a better deal,” Mr Tucker said.

Mr Tucker said anyone in the market for a new vehicle should consider the RACQ vehicle brokerage service.

“It can help members get a great deal and save a lot of running around and negotiating,” he said.

Percentage of price difference from national average across Australia:

  • NSW: -0.43%
  • VIC: -0.34%
  • QLD: +0.14%
  • ACT: +0.18%
  • TAS: +0.20%
  • WA: +0.54%
  • SA: +0.99%
  • NT: +1.54%

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