Best budgeting apps to get your finances on track

The days of plugging your own information into a spreadsheet are in the past.

With a few swipes and clicks, you can now download hundreds of apps to help you keep track of your money from your smartphone. 

However, it can be hard to know what apps will save you time and money and which will cost you an arm and a leg in wasted time. 

We’ve compiled the best apps on the market in 2020 to help make it easy for you to practise “good” financial behaviours. 

These apps can connect to your bank accounts, loans, credit cards and superannuation, and display data to give one overall view of your finances. They can help you budget, track expenses and even help you save money.


MoneyBrilliant provides the tools to help you make better decisions around money. The app connects to more banks than any other app of its kind and has a free version that is superior to many of its paid competitors. 

You can connect to bank accounts, credit cards, loans and superannuation, bringing all your banking into one view. The app also allows you to perform “insurance tracking” and “bill watch” for electricity and gas accounts. This app is also great for those working from home as you can create an automated record of any occupation-specific tax deductions. 

Cost: Basic MoneyBrilliant Plan is free with many features. There is also a paid premium plan which includes additional features.

Available at Google Play and the App Store.


Like many other budgeting apps, Pocketbook comes with all the usual budgeting functionalities. The point of difference is this app can automatically sync with your bank accounts giving you a complete view of your spending – which can be a little scary to see at first!

Pocketbook is “the personal assistant for your money” and this is true with its transaction categorisation and spending breakdowns. It gives you a full picture of where your money is going so you can make better choices. 

Cost: Free

Available at Google Play and the App Store.


WiseList isn’t your run-of-the-mill budgeting app. The point of difference for this app is that it is a grocery list and budget management app all in one.

We know that groceries take up a fair chunk of the budget, so WiseList helps you to get more value for your money. The app allows you to compare prices on products and create a “family” grocery list so everyone can contribute to the planning.

WiseList also lets you add Flybuys and Woolworths rewards cards and even alerts you when your favourite products are on special.

Cost: Free 

Available at Google Play and the App Store.


Frollo is a budgeting and savings app with a difference. Its mission is to “help you understand your money better and make you financially smarter”. Frollo has all the usual functionality with tracking spending and setting financial goals. The main point of difference is the “Frollo Community” where you can participate in challenges such as “Shop-a-Stop-It”, “Grocery Savings”, “Plastic vs Cash” and many more. It not only gives you a view of your finances but also challenges you to change your spending behaviour. 

Cost: Free

Available at Google Play and the App Store.
It is important to remember that these apps are not transactional services and there is no ability to move money through the services. Whilst these apps use the highest levels of security when managing your information, it is critical that you review each provider’s security policy before deciding whether you wish to use their services. 

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