Best vegan food bloggers

Vegan diets can seem overwhelming and not all of us have the luxury of being picky, even if it’s just for one day a week. Luckily, veganism is becoming more popular on the internet with tips, products and recipes. Creating a healthy, plant-based meal doesn’t have to be in the “too hard” basket anymore with these food bloggers.  

Minimalist Baker

For those of us who just don’t have the time or inclination to be super star cooks, US based Dana and her Minimalist Baker blog are a must. Her categories range from thirty minutes and under, one bowl recipes and six ingredients or less.  Dana is the ultimate time saver and while you’ll have less dishes, her recipes are by no means basic in taste. She also offers a good range of healthy and not so healthy options, especially in the desserts. Dana also has plenty of gluten free and nut free recipes.  


Created by an Australian woman, the blog is the perfect vegan ideas space. Veggieful has so many great recipes but also has menu ideas for holidays and events. The best part of it is that Madison has put together pages of “accidental” vegan food at fast food companies like Maccas, KFC and Hungry Jacks as well as huge lists of vegan products at Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. The lists are researched and sourced not only by her but her blog users as well so there is a wealth of information from fellow Australian vegans.

Oh, She Glows

Every new vegan is sent straight to Oh She Glows by the veterans because she embodies the healthy lifestyle and positive outlook that appeals to people about veganism. Her recipes are user friendly and she also has an app for choosing on the go dinner options. Her blog allows viewers to follow her pregnancy journey and gives useful tips on being vegan while pregnant and keeping your baby healthy. 

Vegan Richa

Another staple for new vegans, Vegan Richa has hundreds of recipes varying from beginner to more experienced. The photography is beautiful, and the recipes don’t let you down. Its also a great resource to help with your vegan journey. It includes easy food substitutes and the blogs creator Richa’s very honest reasons for being vegan.

Pickles and Honey

If you’re after beautiful pictures of healthy vegan food, then look no further than Pickles and Honey. Created by a food nutritionist and SEO specialist, the blog also has some useful information about starting your own food blog and utilising Search Engine Optimization to get yourself out there.