2018 Honda Goldwing

The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is the first motorcycle to include Apple CarPlay.

It’s one of many hi-tech features on the new bike, including automatic transmission, traction control, smart key access, electronic suspension, four power modes, LED lighting and auto-cancelling indicators.

But it’s not all good news for Goldwing fans who love long-haul touring, as fuel capacity is down four litres to 21 and luggage space is reduced by almost a third from 147 litres to 110.

However, fuel economy is improved to 5.6 litres/100km and Honda claims the restyled Goldwing is now a more athletic bike that is just as happy on an urban commute as a long-haul tour.

The more aggressive-looking Goldwing was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in base form and a Tour version with the top box, auto transmission and airbag.

Honda Motorcycles Australia says the new Goldwings are due in February, but pricing won’t be available until closer to arrival. As a guide, the current models are: Goldwing $38,186 (ride away in Brisbane); F6B $29,285 and Valkyrie (F6C) $23,800.

Honda says the 2018 Gold Wing is “brand new from the wheels-up”. They claim it is lighter, smaller and more agile to appeal to a younger rider.

The updated flat six-cylinder engine retains the same power and torque, but now has Throttle By Wire with four rider modes; TOUR, SPORT, ECON and RAIN.

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) maintains rear wheel traction while the suspension damping and Combined Brake System (CBS) alter, depending on mode selected. It also features Hill Start Assist (HSA) for those who can’t handle a hill start and Idling Stop which means the engine shuts down when stopped.

As you would expect, “creature features” abound, highlighted by an electric windscreen.

It’s actually smaller than before, but Honda claims it is more effective combined with a more aerodynamic fairing that allows cooling air on the rider and pillion.

Handling is improved by a new link fork and double wishbone front suspension system that is claimed to make the steering lighter and more precise.

Gold Wing project leader Yutaka Nakanishi says it is “more exciting to ride than ever”.

“So we started from a blank piece of paper and made the Gold Wing smaller and lighter, and added all the technological hardware and software the modern rider could wish for,” he says.

Story by Mark Hinchcliffe.