Cars Queenslanders loved in the 80s

Take a trip down memory lane with these automotive classics.

The 1980s – a time when mullets were trendy, songs were played from mixtapes and some of the best blockbusters hit the big screen – was a decade that changed the nation. For car buyers, it offered very generic designs, faster engines and some unusual features. The 80s saw a lot of ‘boxy’ sedans with a new focus on practicality, safety and fuel efficiency. 

Here are a few forgotten classics that Queenslanders loved to drive in the 80s.

Mazda 323

The 323 and its twin, the Ford Laser, were incredibly popular in their day.  They probably did more to popularise the FWD configuration and demonstrate how a small package could be user-friendly and practical than any other car of the period.   

Toyota Celica

By the ‘80s Toyota’s Celica had grown up. It was bigger, heavier and far from the sporty-ish small car it started out as.  By this time, they were commonly regarded as the ‘hairdresser’s car of choice’.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla was one of the models that forged Toyota’s well-deserved reputation for rock-solid dependability. Look around and you’ll still see plenty of them on the road. 

Mitsubishi Sigma

Sigma was pitched at the lower price end of the market and, as a result, sold well. They had some interesting quirks like ‘silent’ balance shaft chains that made a whirring noise. The vehicles were very fussy about proper servicing, which probably explains why there aren’t too many still around. 

Ford Falcon

Ford’s advertising slogan through the ‘80s was ‘Queensland Loves a Ford’ and, in those days, Falcon was a top-selling large car. They were simple and fairly robust, but not particularly fuel efficient.