Cheap kitchen upgrades

Renovating is never cheap, easy or convenient — especially when it involves the kitchen.

The risk with a kitchen renovation is that you plan to replace just the cupboards, then before you know it you’ve bought new appliances, splash backs, benchtops and floor coverings.
But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a noticeable change. Here are some tips to help you refresh and revitalise an outdated kitchen:

Get new handles

This is a simple option that won’t break the bank. Choose styles that are modern, yet simplistic — important aspects from a future selling point of view. Consider changing the colour to add a little pop into a plain white or brown cabinet.

Splash some paint

If you’ve got wooden cabinets, sometimes all they need is a lick of paint to brighten things up. Always consider what colours carry through the rest of the house and try to reflect or contrast with them.
If the cabinets are a ‘no-go’, then consider creating an ‘accent wall’ of colour to really liven up the surroundings.

Hang a pendant light

If you’re fed up with your kitchen’s old-school lighting fixtures, consider a colourful lighting pendant. Lighting can transform a space and change the mood at the flick of a switch. A feature pendant can also make a statement, becoming a focal point for a room.

Use appliances as decorative features

Appliances can act like jewellery accessories in any kitchen. For example, a cherry red toaster and kettle set can make an impact. And if you get tired of looking at them, you can always put them in the cupboard, or trade them for a different colour.

Place a rug in front of the sink

This may sound a little odd, but it can really make a difference in a kitchen area and will help comfort your feet when you’re washing the dishes. Look for an indoor/outdoor style so you can clean it easily.