DIY injuries on the rise

Have you had a home repair mishap?

Television shows like The Block and House Rules have inspired a new generation of Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, though, when it comes to DIY projects, many end badly and result in injuries.

A recent study by the University of Queensland found more than 400 people presented to Queensland hospitals with power tool related injuries in 2017 (2018 results are still being calculated).

The study, led by University of Queensland’s Dr Rob Eley, found most accidents involved power tools and were primarily caused by inexperienced users and misuse of equipment.

“Most accidents could be avoided by people being more cautious, using tools for the purpose for which they were intended and ensuring they have adequate safety gear,” Dr Eley said.

“All you need is a momentary lapse of concentration and you’ll find yourself at the emergency department.”

Dr Eley said the most commonly caused injuries were from angle grinders, with metal filings or wood shavings causing eye injuries or table saws and lawnmowers causing lacerations, amputations and accidental electrocutions. 


  • Install a smoke alarm
  • Replace an existing exhaust fan
  • Install a new power point (internal)
  • Replace a power point (internal)
  • Install a new light switch
  • Replace a light switch
  • Install a new down light
  • Replace an existing down light
  • Install a light fitting
  • Install a ceiling fan
  • Electrical and fuse replacement
  • Install a new safety switch
  • Install a new power point (external)
  • Replace a power point (external)
  • Install an electrical appliance


  • Install a replacement dishwasher
  • Replace new taps and spouts
  • Service a tap
  • Replace an external tap
  • Replace basin taps - bathroom/laundry
  • Install a sink kitchen mixer
  • Replace a washer in a dripping tap
  • Service of hot water system
  • Replace an existing hot water system with a new hot water system
  • Unblock toilet/drain
  • Install a new toilet system
  • Investigate and repair an external water leak
  • Install gas appliances
  • Clean gutters (single storey)
  • Replace downpipe