Do I need a builder, engineer or tradesman to repair my home?

Sponsored content: We’re often asked by homeowners whether they need a builder, engineer or tradesman to carry out structural repairs.

The truth is, you never need just one. Each expert offers different skills and solutions to address scenarios of differing and varying complexity.

Consider a situation in which a home is subsiding and wall cracks have begun appearing:

  • First, you need a forensic structural engineer to inspect levels and check if your home is really subsiding. 
  • If it is, this engineer may call in a geotechnical engineer to test soils for oversaturation and find the source of excess water.
  • Based on findings, a design structural engineer will create a repair solution to lift the house and alleviate pressure on the foundations. 
  • Eventually a licensed builder will implement the repair solution with the help of a team of tradesmen.

Assembling a team of experts, managing them through structural repairs and making sure everyone does their job is hard, even for professionals. 

But with limited engineering knowledge, it would be close to impossible for a homeowner.

How is a homeowner to know who’s doing their job properly? Or who’s in the wrong if structural failure occurs after repairs are completed?

On top of management difficulties, making repairs in this way can also cost more than $100,000 because everyone has their own service costs.

To make life simple, Buildfix offers an in-house team of licensed builders, structural/civil engineers and tradesmen under one roof. We also have our own proprietary techniques and technologies to carry out structural repairs, cost-effectively and quickly.

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