End of the landline phone

New research has revealed nearly half of Australian households don’t have a landline phone.

Landline phones may soon become extinct in Australian households following a new survey of 5135 Australians from comparison site, Finder.

The survey revealed 44% of Australian households don’t have a home phone, only 18% only have one because it came with their internet deal and 11% admit to never using it.

Finder Technology Specialist Sabine Leroy said with mobile phone plans providing such good value for money, ditching home phones has become a no-brainer.

“Unlimited calls are now a standard inclusion for mobile plans, so why should we be paying for a home phone as well?” Ms Leroy said.

“Much like the telephone book, landline phones are fast becoming relics from another era.

“Many Gen Z haven’t grown up with home phones, while Millennials are probably the last generation to remember using a landline.”

Finder’s analysis of the Australian Communications and Media Authority's latest annual report revealed that Australian homes could be landline free as early as 2036.

The number of Australian households with a landline connected has plummeted from 83% in 2011 to just 58% in 2018. That's a drop of 25% in just eight years.

Based on this decline, Finder expects the number of Australian households with a landline to drop to 50% by 2021, with remaining homes following suit over the next 15 years.