Your shout: Pursuit of Hoppiness

Beer expert and writer Matt Kirkegaard makes a living out of knowing the best brews.

Matt joins us on Your shout to talk about what makes beer so special and where he found his passion.

From his roots as an aspirating law student Matt arrived at beer and, more specifically, beer writing through freelance journalism. He began Brews News in 2010 and what started as a small blog has now become a must-read for beer enthusiasts across Australia.

Matt expanded his beer appreciation empire with BeerMatt in 2014 and hosts beer tasting sessions, hospitality training and consultations as well as beer education seminars.

While Matt has written professionally about beer for 15 years, his appreciation goes back to before craft beer was embraced by hipsters as the ‘next big thing’. His appreciation and enthusiasm translate into an amazing knowledge of the culture, history and technical expertise behind beer.

Matt points out that beer is, on one level, as old as civilisation and has been drunk for millions of years as well as being a catalyst for modern cities. 

“You can actually store it and make it so the earliest civilisations that we’ve got built granaries, breweries and bakeries,” he said.

“Beer gave us a reason to settle down and form civilisations.”   

Matt believes the culture around drinking beer has changed dramatically over the past few years.

“Craft beer is being driven by - we don’t necessarily want to drink beer that comes from two factories,” he said.

“We like to know the small provedore who makes our bread or our coffee or our beer.”  

“It’s not just our taste in beer that’s changed but our taste in consumption generally has changed and beer is just a factor of that." 

Listen to the full podcast below.

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