Living healthy with David Gillespie

Author and health advocate, David Gillespie, has dedicated his life to answering the age-old question – how can we lead healthier lives?

Listen to his full story below.


As a young lawyer, David first delved into the world of health and fitness while trying to understand his own weight problem. 

“I started writing because I was just trying to solve a personal problem of my own which was being 40 kilos too heavy,” David said.

“I found I could research quite easily just using the training I had straight from law school, which is essentially training in research to find out what we knew about why people gained weight.”

His research led him to discover how sugar could contribute to obesity and poor health – which inspired his 2008 book Sweet Poison.

“We know an awful lot about it but very little of what we knew was actually in the public and written in a way that normal people like me could understand,” David said.

“What I discovered was that we knew it was sugar that was doing it (contributing to weight gain) and we knew exactly which part of sugar was doing it, which has been proven multiple times in human studies – the front half of Sweet Poison is basically me discovering these details.”

David also found that many everyday foods had hidden added sugar in them which can contribute to an unhealthy diet.

“What has happened over the last few centuries is that almost everything that can have sugar added to it has – even things that don’t seem like they have sugar,” David said.

“For example, with a 99% fat-free mayonnaise, the primary ingredient in it is sugar so it’s a white emulsion of sugar and seed oil.”

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