Episode 57 - Becoming mindful with Jon Unal

Mindfulness coach John Unal’s struggles led him to empower others.

Listen to Jon's story below:

Mindfulness coach and founder of Conscious Beginnings Jon Unal first delved into the world of mindfulness to try to combat his mental demons.

“At the beginning, mindfulness wasn’t on my radar as I was living a fairly unconscious life, both partying and drinking,” Jon said.

“I thought my life was great until I hit rock bottom.

“I was in a job I didn’t enjoy, had lots of family problems and, most importantly, I didn’t have a meaning or purpose to wake up to.

“From this deep place of despair, I decided to seek help, and it turned out I was going through depression, and I was put on anti-depressants, but nothing seemed to work to get out of this dark hole.”

Jon’s struggles became the catalyst for seeking alternative therapy and was where he discovered mindfulness.

“I attended a 10-day silent mediation retreat and that’s where I first discovered mindfulness,” he said.

“It was one of the biggest challenges of my life to sit in meditative practices for 10-12 hours every day in complete silence.

“I wanted to run away from my mind because it was torturous, but towards the end something started to shift in my being, and I was having these moments of peace, calm and serenity.”

Following the retreat, Jon quit his job, packed his bags and moved to Australia from Europe where he later founded Conscious Beginnings, a company that supports organisations with wellbeing, emotional intelligence, performance and engagement through evidence-based mindfulness training.

“The practice of mindfulness kept me alive during challenging times,” Jon said.

“As human beings, we have incredible mindsets to which we control our body and can achieve amazing things.

“The more we are present with our lives, the more we are using the gift we have been given.”

Jon describes mindfulness as “staying present in the moment.”

“My excitement about mindfulness comes from helping people to empower themselves” he said. 

“Helping them to master their minds so that they can create a life in their own terms and use their mind as an ally, rather than an enemy to fight with.”

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