Everything you need to know about number plates

They are a requirement on every vehicle or trailer in Queensland, but did you know these important insights?

They are a requirement on every vehicle or trailer in Queensland, but did you know these important insights?

What happens when all the number plate numbers run out?

Queensland is on the last set of three-letter combinations starting with Z. What happens when these come to an end? The Queensland Government has announced that the next number plate combination will be three numbers followed by two letters and another number (for example, 387-HG2). The current combination has been in use since at least 1978 so expect the new combination to be around for quite some time into the future. 

Can I get personalised plates and how much do they cost?

Everyone and anyone can purchase personalised plates from Personalised Plates Queensland. Prices vary dramatically from $475 for simple three-letter, three-number combinations up to $3500 for longer seven-letter options. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, from themed designs to classic black and white European-styled plates. Head to www.ppq.com.au for more information. You can configure your plates online and check whether your favourite combination is available. 

What is the most expensive Queensland number plate?

In 2019, an auction house recorded the most expensive sale of a Queensland number plate dating back to 1921. The plate which reads Q9 sold for a whopping $363,000, smashing the previous record by more than $120,000. 

What should you do if your number plate is lost or stolen?

If your number plates have been stolen, you will need to contact PoliceLink immediately on 131 444. By doing this, when police checks are undertaken, the plates will appear as "stolen" if attached to another car. This is a common ploy by criminals to commit other offences using a vehicle with different number plates. If possible, try to park your car in a secure garage or car space or in a well-lit street where the chances of plates being stolen is minimal.

History of Queensland number plates

1921 – Queensland number plates are first introduced. These featured a bold black Q followed by white numbers.

1976-1977 – Green number plate lettering is introduced. The slogan "Queensland: Sunshine State" makes its way onto plates for the first time.

1979 – Personalised plates are unveiled for the very first time. Some of the available designs included Great Barrier Reef, Tropical Queensland and Outback themes. 

1980 – For the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the 1988 Expo, the state released exclusive number plate designs for use by officials. 

2001 – Maroon text colour is introduced. This, along with the slogan “Queensland: The smart state”, were available up until 2013.

2020 – PPQ now has over 250 available designs and themes, from NRL-styled plates to emojis and 3D lettering.