Five most useful camping accessories

When camping, everything you take should have a purpose, but these bits of kit take functionality to a new level.

1. Cable ties
Cable ties make the perfect quick-fix for anything from a camp chair to vehicle components on a 4WD, so it’s no wonder that cable ties are often the first port of call when camp disaster strikes.

2. Long-handled shovel
A shovel is always handy while in the bush, whether it’s for digging, burying, poking or checking water depths. Aside from these obviously essential uses, a long-handled shovel is also a perfect manipulator of hot coals.

3. Tarp
A tarp has one basic purpose – protection – but that purpose can span a multitude of applications for savvy campers. Tarps are ideal protection for gear in a downpour and for campers when your tent is ripped. It is also an easy ground sheet, awning, picnic blanket or windbreak as well as a potential water-gathering device in an emergency when water is scarce.

4. Rope
Having a decent length of rope on hand at camp can give you an impromptu washing line or a guide rope for those night-time scrambles in the dark, though it’s more traditionally helpful for tying down items in rough weather. It also works better than bungee cords for bundling wood together or to your vehicle.

5. Baby wipes
Camping is a less-than-spotless pastime, because both staying clean and getting things clean are more of a chore in the outdoors than at home. A quick and easy solution is to keep a healthy supply of baby wipes at all times, which are good for a dry shower as well as for wiping hands, plates and other surfaces when water is precious.

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