Get inspired by these travel books

It is not all about the travel guidebooks, lose yourself in these voyaging books one chapter at a time.

Although these books aren’t strictly travel related, they have elements of travel, history or even geographical content. These features easily spark the inspiration and wanderlust of travel in many of us.

A Long Way Home: A Memoir

Written by Saroo Brierley, the book depicts how a young Indian boy got lost and after a journey through India, he was adopted by an Australian family. 25 years later, Saroo is determined to find his origins and lost family. This story will leave you sad, horrified, amazed, and most of all will leave a desire to see where it took place.


In another Australian memoir, Robyn Davidson takes the reader on a journey through the Australian outback. Trekking across the Australian desert with only four camels and a dog to keep her company. Davidson leaves you with the unforgettable story successfully capturing her odyssey of discovery and transformation.

Paris Was Ours

As a collection of short stories, some will capture you and others you will want to skip past. Each writer captures how living in Paris was life-changing. Each depicts memories of how they came to write, cook, love, study, or escape. Starting just as tourists, each writer transforms from an outsider to an insider calling Paris home. Don’t mistake this book as a travel guide as some of the submissions are relatively old. However, this collection will spark a desire to travel to Paris to experience the French city for yourself.

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Written by Rolf Potts, this book will help you discover a new outlook on life. This book emphasises creativity, discovery, and the growth of your own spirit. Potts provides insight on travel finances, destinations, life adjustments, work and volunteering, adversity, and then re-assimilating back into ordinary life.

A Geography of Bliss

Written by Eric Weiner, this book explores the correspondent’s travels around the globe evaluating each country’s happiness level. From Qatar, Thailand, Bhutan, Britain, Reykjavik, and everywhere in between, Weiner explores cultures and traditions. A Geography of Bliss sets out to achieve one mission, to make the reader happier.