High-tech puppy play-dates

The dog park has received a digital upgrade.

The puppy play-date has gone digital with an app revolutionising the way dog owners connect.

PatchPets is a social app that allows dog owners to connect and find friends at the dog park, pet-friendly cafes, hotels and groomers.

Brisbane pet owner Josh Fritz created the app as an online platform for dog owners to find pals for their pets.

“It’s no secret Australians love their dogs with two in every five Australian households identifying themselves as dedicated dog parents,” Mr Fritz said.

“PatchPets connects dog owners and their dogs to who can come together for playdates and outings in their local neighbourhood.”

The app allows users to create a profile featuring their dog, complete with profile picture, location, breed and age.

Users are then able to scroll through dog profiles and narrow down the perfect play date in their area.

The app also has a directory of recommended pet-friendly cafes, hotels and grooming services available.

PatchPets features:

  • Discover – Find all dogs nearby via location.
  • Filtering – Filter your favourite dog breeds and sizes.
  • Connect – Explore dog profiles.
  • Messages – Join group chats with local dog friends.
  • Dog park maps – Find dog parks nearby and see who’s there in real time.
  • Business directory – Discover pet-friendly businesses in your area.

PatchPets App

PatchPets is available to download now from Google Play.

Pet-friendly tech options to consider:

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FroliCat DART: A programmable, automatic rotating laser light that moves in a circle, jumps and randomly changes directions to engage dogs and cats.

Dog TV: A veterinarian-recommended, subscription-based television channel designed specifically for dogs to alleviate loneliness, anxiety and depression.