Historic hubs

Generous RACQ member donates his historic hub cap collection to RACQ.

RACQ member and motoring enthusiast Frank Ellis recently donated his historic hub cap collection to RACQ.

The collection, worth about $15,000, includes a hub cap from each motor vehicle registered in Queensland in 1919.  

With this year marking the centenary year for the cars, Mr Ellis decided to hand over the 100+ hub caps to RACQ so they can be displayed for other members to enjoy.

Mr Ellis said he was hesitant to sell them to other collectors because he didn’t want to separate the collection which he had worked so hard on. 

 “All of the hub caps are really valuable because they are 100 years old and some of them are quite rare,” Mr Ellis said.

“I found most of them from swap meets, junk shows and searched for them online. 

 “I think every one of them could tell a story. 

 “I figured with this being the centenary of the cars that RACQ might want them.” 

Some stand outs from the collection include hub caps from an Arrol-Johnston, Baby, Krit, Rothwell, Crossley and Beacon. Other classics include a Swift, Ford, Mercedes, Austin, Fiat and Rover. 

RACQ Group CEO Ian Gillespie was thrilled to hear the club would receive the historic collection.

“It’s wonderful when our members share their passion for motoring with us,” Mr Gillespie said.

“We would be honoured to accept this donation and display the hub caps either at our head office at Eight Mile Plains or at another RACQ building so that other members can admire them.   

“Our RACQ archives date back many years, so it’s wonderful to be able to look back and see how far we have come in motoring.”