How to deal with these three types of weeds

Stop weeds taking over your garden and killing off your favourite plants.

There’s nothing nice to say about weeds. They takeover your garden’s water supply and soil, often killing your favourite plants and flowers. There is a proper way to remove weeds, and it’s not just yanking them out of the ground. This can do more harm than if you were to just leave them.

By yanking leaves and not grabbing the roots, you allow new growth start and enable the weeds to spread. To make weeding easier, do it when the soil is moist as dry, hard soil makes it tough to get roots out of the ground.

Here are some tips for removing three common weed types:

1. Short weeds

To control short weeds, get your hand underneath the foliage and feel for where the stems come out of the ground. Use a trowel to dig under the roots of the weed and pull up. Be sure to clean up any leaves when digging, as the leaves themselves can further spread weed growth.

2. Tall weeds

Remove tall weeds by grabbing the stem as close to the ground as you can and pull up. Use a trowel to assist you dig as deep below the root as you can, then lever the weed out of the ground. As with short weeds, do your best not to leave any weed debris around the garden, as this can cause weeds to spread.

3. Taproot weeds

These have one large root that can extend as far as a foot beneath the soil’s surface. The most common taproot weeds you’ll find in your garden are dandelions. To get rid of them you’ll need a trowel or weeder. Sink your tool under the ground next to the base of the plant. Then, wiggle it toward the weed, which will help pop the roots out of the ground without breaking them.