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You'll never guess which social media platform is the worst for cyberbullying in Australia.

Instagram has become the epicentre for hate across Australia, with the platform responsible for more cyberbullying complaints than Facebook and Snapchat.

Instagram stole the title from Facebook after it was responsible for 43% of cyberbullying complaints reported to Australia’s eSafety Commission in 2017, compared with Facebook’s 27%.

Queensland was one of the worst culprits for cyberbullying, with nearly a quarter of all complaints originating in the sunshine state.

One in five young people also reported to the commission that they had been the target of cyberbullying, with many under 13 years-of-age.

Australian Medical Association Board Member Dr Bav Manoharan said cyberbullying had changed the way in which victims are targeted.

“The difference between traditional schoolyard bulling is that for boys, it tended to be physical, but with females it was always more psychological and social,” Dr Manoharan said.

“With cyberbullying, we tend to see more of that social and psychological aspect in both genders and it is more about threat and humiliation.”

Dr Manoharan said more needed to be done in the education space to eliminate cyberbullying.

“It’s not as easy as going up to kids and saying don’t bully – it’s about instilling good behaviours online and making sure parents and teachers are aware of children’s cyber presence in school and at home,” he said.

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