Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar

Enjoy contemporary Asian fusion and crazy cocktails on the Gold Coast.

Mad Asian Kitchen and Bar at Robina Town Centre is the brainchild of Hong Kong chef and restaurateur Stanley Lee.

We asked Mad Asian General Manager Aaron Rankin about what to expect from the Gold Coast’s newest Asian fusion restaurant.

What type of cuisine do you serve?

We serve a fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. We have an extensive menu consisting of tapas, fresh salads, stir fries and curries, noodles, rice dishes and our sizzling grill plates.

Mad Asian Kitchen 2

Who are the chefs?

All our chefs are handpicked by Stanley. Just like our menu, we have a fusion of different backgrounds and Asian cooking styles which all come together. There’s even a little Brazilian flair for added good measure.

Why did you decide on an open-plan kitchen?

The open-plan kitchen fits the theme of the dining precinct ‘The Kitchens’ at Robina Town Centre. It adds elements of theatre and extra excitement to the dining experience. It also allows our customers to witness their meals being prepared and, because we only use fresh ingredients, we love to show off.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

There are too many to choose from but at the moment it is ‘Platinum sizzle plate’ - a delicious combination of Moreton Bay Bug tail, eye fillet, scallops and chicken over a bed of julienne vegetables and baked potato, served sizzling on a cast iron plate with a choice of sauce (I recommend the spicy cumin sauce). We have a new menu coming out soon so it may be time for a new favourite.

Mad Asian Kitchen1

How would you describe the vibe of the restaurant?

We aim for a relaxed dining atmosphere in the bar where you can come for pre-dinner drinks and stay right through to dessert and a nightcap. You can have a different dining experience here depending on where you choose to dine in the restaurant, with our cherry blossoms and lanterns in the main dining area or our back alley complete with old movie posters and neon lights. 

Do you cater to large groups?

Large groups are most welcome and we have a banquet packages which we tailor for each group individually.

Do you cater to vegetarians and vegans?

We have a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes on our menu and we are always happy to help if a customer wants a dish altered to suit dietary requirements. 

Do you have a signature drink?

That would definitely be ‘Kanpai’, an old-fashioned cocktail made with Yamazaki Distillers Reserve Japanese whiskey, which is revealed to the customer from under a glass cloche with a waft of cinnamon smoke.