Mitsubishi adds another string to Triton's bow

The next generation of the popular ute has arrived.

Though it seems like only yesterday, Mitsubishi launched the latest generation of its Triton ute last January.

The 2019 model was a step forward in just about every way for the much improved and tougher-looking Triton. We found plenty to applaud: keen pricing, comprehensive standard kit and class-leading safety features, functional interior and impressive on and off-road performance.

Triton side on

Mitsubishi has been quick to build on its good work in upgrading the new-to-market 2020 model. In the company’s own words, the focus is on ‘putting more power and capability behind the mid-range models that have proven most popular with consumers and fleets, and changing the spec to improve comfort and performance’.

The upgrade includes a rear diff lock on all GLS and GLX+ models (previously available on the GLS Premium only), rear air circulator in the double cab GLX+ and keyless operation system on all GLS models.

Accordingly, the price of the GLX+ has risen by $1000, the GLS auto $650, and the GLS Premium $500.

To demonstrate the value of the upgrades, Mitsubishi invited the RACQ to try a selection of enhanced models on and off-road through the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. A day-long drive from Leigh Creek to Parachilna and return took in the acclaimed Cockatoo Dunbar Loop track through the Warraweena Conservation Park.

Rated moderate-to-hard in degree of difficulty, the 55km loop is open only to high clearance 4WD vehicles with dual range transmission. It meanders around Mt Stuart; along dried-up, stony creek beds; through gullies, wash outs, jump-ups and steep downhills. The loop traverses a variety of landforms and habitats, the highest point being more than 700m above sea level.

Triton convoy

The Tritons handled all that was thrown at them. So much so, that the combination of low range and rear diff lock was only really called for in climbing a near vertiginous track to the top of a lofty, loose shale-covered hill. Of course, what goes up must come down and here the excellent standard-fit hill descent system also passed with flying colours.

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