Mitsubishi blinks on new car warranty

Japanese car maker shifts from seven to five-year warranty with 10-year option available.

Mitsubishi has been the first car maker to blink in the new car warranty wars, winding back its seven-year warranty to five, but softening the blow by introducing a new extended 10-year warranty as its default offering, provided the vehicle is serviced exclusively by one of its dealers. 

The Japanese car maker was one of the first brands to move from the old standard three-year warranty to a five-year offering in late 2004, following Hyundai’s introduction of Australia’s first five-year warranty in 1999.

The changes sparked a flurry of more competitive warranty offerings from a variety of car makers including Kia, which introduced the country’s first seven-year warranty in 2014.

Mitsubishi followed Kia’s move initially on the Triton ute exclusively in late 2018, but this was subsequently extended to other models in the range, while a host of other mainstream car makers including Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Honda and Suzuki have all subsequently moved to five-year terms. 

Until this latest announcement Mitsubishi was one of a handful of car makers, including Kia, SsangYong and Chinese-brand MG to offer a seven-year warranty, but as of the end of September it has now shifted back to a default five-year/100,000km warranty, with the option for owners who service their vehicles exclusively with the Mitsubishi dealer network to automatically double that to a 10-year/200,000km warranty.

In a mildly confusing piece of reverse psychology, from 1 October every new Mitsubishi Australia vehicle will be sold with the company’s new Diamond Advantage Program, which includes a 10-year/ 200,000km new car warranty; 10-year/150,000km capped price servicing; and four-year roadside assistance.

The rub is that the key benefits of the Diamond Advantage Program, including its impressive warranty, are only available if owners service the vehicle with an authorised Mitsubishi dealer. 

You don’t have to, of course, as that would be against ACCC regulations, but if owners choose to service their vehicle elsewhere, they by default choose the lesser five-year/100,000km warranty. The capped price servicing and roadside assistance, however, continue to be available, regardless of whether owners service with the Mitsubishi dealer network.   

Mitsubishi’s new 10-year warranty is available to private buyers and small businesses with less than five vehicles on fleet and on all Mitsubishi models, and is fully transferable when the vehicle is sold, provided the servicing conditions have been met.

The traction batteries in Mitsubishi’s Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) models are covered by a separate eight-year/160,000km warranty.

Mitsubishi Motors’ Director of Marketing and Operations Rob Nazzari said: “This new 10-year extended warranty puts owners in control.

“Every Mitsubishi already has at least a five-year warranty. Now, with our 10-year Diamond Advantage program, owners that complete their scheduled capped-price services with an authorised Mitsubishi Dealer will enjoy a 10-year warranty, 10-year capped price servicing and up to four years of roadside assistance.”